Evaluation strategies to promote learning self-regulation of higher education students

Finantial Entity: 
September 2018 to October 2019

The project is proposed as a continuity of the innovation project developed with the Degrees’ Subjects of the Faculty of Educational Sciences in the field of evaluation for sustainable and participatory learning during the 2016/2017 and 2017/2018 courses. Drawing from a teaching approach based on research, the project aims to develop strategies and resources to assess the competencies of students that promote self-regulation of their learning and professional development. Self-regulation is conceived as one of the most important aspects linked to the professional development of students, fostering capacities such as autonomy, critical thinking, commitment to learning, active attitude and motivation, all of them competences related to Long-life learning. The project addresses a collaborative and interdisciplinary work methodology, involving a research team from different fields of knowledge (sociology, psychology and education) and will be applied in the four grades of the Faculty of Education Sciences and in subjects of all courses. This ensures a direct impact of the project on more than 600 students.

The project, which will be implemented along 2 years, is based on an experimental design, and will finish with an evaluation of the impact of the evaluation strategies implemented on students’ learning. This will allow us to introduce improvements in the evaluation systems and will give guidelines to students, faculty and the management team of the faculty to consolidate a more reliable, individualized and sustainable evaluation culture.

Global Budget: 2.500€.

Project members: 

Ibis Álvarez Valvidia (UAB), Carme Armengol Asparó (UAB), Aleix Barrera Corominas (UAB), Immaculada Buñuel Juan (UAB), Diego Castro Ceacero (UAB), Anna Díaz Vicario (UAB), Maria del Mar Duran Bellonch (UAB), Georgeta Ion (Coordinadora – UAB), Cristina Mercader Juan (UAB), Andy Morodo Horrillo (UAB), José Luís Muñoz Moreno (UAB), David Rodríguez Gómez (UAB), Esther Salat Llorente (UAB) & Cecilia Inés Suárez (UAB)

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