Peer-assessment and peer-feedback strategies to improve the individualised assessment of group works through

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September 2017 to September 2018

The construction of group tasks that promote differentiated but collaborative learning of the students, represents a challenge in itself. In this line, in the Facultat de Ciències de l’Educació in almost all the subjects are carried out this type of activities.

Considering the current requirements of the faculty and the subjects involved and taking advantage of the experiences already carried out within the framework of the subjects, the project aims to develop coherent strategies of evaluation of the group projects using group feedback mechanisms, to promote experiences reliable and satisfactory for all actors involved.

The antecedents on the subject are organized around three great blocks. First, the benefits of the evaluation system of teamwork and their implications are discussed. Next, we analyze the evidence on the differentiated evaluation in groups. Finally, some evidence are presented on the differentiated evaluation in groups.

Teamwork may improve students' engagement, as well as their results, and can contribute to reducing dropout. However, these benefits reduce their potential if there are no appropriate evaluation mechanisms. It is, therefore, essential to exercise a system that is as fair as possible.

In this way, the project seeks to strengthen the evidence on the role of peer evaluation in the evaluation process and also taking feedback as an important asset in group learning. Finally, and following this line, the project seeks to ensure individualized assessment in group contexts. For this, there are different alternatives, for example, that students moderate the grade of the classmates or also make an evaluation of the results of the group work with individual tests.

The proposal is implemented in all groups of the Facultat de Ciències de l’Educació (Children, Primary, Pedagogy and Social Education) in a total of 5 subjects and of 16 groups. The students of the Degree will therefore be the first to perceive an impact on their formation. It is expected to generate competences for the students related to the professional practice and the exercise of their future profession.

Total Budget: 1.000 €

Project members: 

Ingrid Agud Morell (UAB), Rosalina Alcalde Campos (UAB), Carme Armengol Asparó (UAB), Aleix Barrera Corominas (Co-Coord.-UAB), Alexis Borràs Izquierdo (UAB), Immaculada Buñuel Azor (UAB), Alba Castejón Company (UAB), Diego Castro Ceacero (UAB), Anna Díaz Vicario (UAB), Maria del Mar Duran Bellonch (UAB), Santi Garriga i Crespi (UAB), Henar González Fernández (UAB), Georgeta Ion (Co-Coord.-UAB), Lourdes Marzo Ruiz (UAB), Cristina Mercader Juan (UAB), José Luis Muñoz Moreno (UAB), Maria Orta Trepat (UAB), Mònica Parera Garcia (UAB), David Rodríguez Gómez (UAB), Esther Salat Llorente (UAB), Angelina Sánchez Martín (UAB) & Dolors Vázquez Carrasco (UAB).

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