PBE_TOOLS: Evidence-based educational practices: design and validation of strategies for school improvement (EDU2017-88711-R)

Finantial Entity: 
MINECO - (Programa I+D Retos)
January 2018 to December 2020

Until recently, the educational practices of schools were based, above all, on the exchange of experiences between professionals inside and outside the school through formal and informal learning systems. In the last decades, approaches that are more scientific are being promoted to increase the level of reliability of decision-making and the sustainable improvement of schools. In spite of the growing interest in the dissemination and transfer of research, the communities responsible for the production of research and the professionals of schools have different working cultures and operate under their own dynamics, which in some cases are in tension.

In this context, the project has a double objective: a) to design and validate strategies that allow the adoption of practices based on scientific evidence from a collaborative approach and trough research communities; and b) to establish in schools institutional dynamics that facilitate the implementation of innovations based on scientific evidences, generating and developing a sustained organizational learning. Its development includes: a) diagnose of the practices that are currently implemented in schools by validating and applying a questionnaire on "The use of research in educational practice" of 700 primary and secondary schools; B) detect at least 5 areas of improvement of schools; C) design and validate, collaboratively, strategies for the effective adoption of evidence-based educational practices (EBP) d) train teachers and management teams for the effective implementation of EBP; e) analyse the factors influencing the implementation of the EBP in schools and f) design a guide for the effective adoption of the EBP in schools. The methodology is experimental and mixed and includes different moments, different territories, variety of strategies / instruments (documentary analysis, questionnaires, interviews with teachers and members of management teams, discussion groups, Delphi method, collaborative work seminars) and diversity of participants (teachers, managers and researchers).

The results obtained, contrasted with the related theoretical references, will permit the generation of resources for teachers and management teams and a process guide to promote and promote EBPs for the improvement of primary and secondary schools. The different activities of the project entail the creation of a series of products: a map of current practices in Spanish schools, a reference map of improvement topics by thematic areas of intervention, the development of a toolkit for teachers and management teams with concrete and differentiated resources that facilitate the effective implementation of EBP, the creation of a process model and a guide for the teaching staff and the management teams for the implementation of the PBE. These products are disseminated and transferred through scientific publications, newsletters for teachers and collaborative work sessions with participating and interested schools, elements that guarantee the dissemination and application of results in other agents not participating in the study.

Total Budget: 48.400,00 €

Web: pagines.uab.cat/pbe/ca

Project members: 

Georgeta Ion (Co-coordinadora), Joaquín Gairín (Co-coordinador), Isabel Cantón (UniLeón), Primitivo Sánchez (UCM), Marina Tomás (UAB), Carme Armengol (UAB), Patricia Olmos (UAB), Anna Díaz (UAB) & Cecilia I. Suárez (UAB)

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