Vulnerable subsidized centers counselor’s competencies for the improvement of school coexistence

Research -

Study conducted by Daniel Villaroel, Joaquín Gairín and José Garcés.

This study raises a profile of skills of the school counselor in subsidized educational centers in vulnerable contexts, based on the following questions: Is there a competency profile for the counselor of the subsidized subsidized private subsidiary in Chile? When a legal representative hires this professional, with what type of profile is it guided?

The social background of the 21st century is characterized by its technological changes, the modification of the labor market and its values, with the counselor emerging as an "agent that facilitates change and institutional improvement" thanks to the positive influence of his leadership on the success of the students, an approach reinforced by several international studies.

In this way, the aim of the study is to develop a profile of the school counselor's own competences of subsidized educational centers in vulnerable contexts.

The research developed identifies the counselor as a professional who reflects on different situations and on different subjects (parents, students, management team and teachers), on various issues and problems, involving defining them, as well as preparing an intervention proposal, monitoring and evaluating their impact.

Regarding the proposal of the profile of the school counselor, it is concluded that it is a field of action to respond effectively to the educational challenges of a subsidized private school and a step to lead educational processes in the sector, considering the professional competences needed for the sector subsidized private sector located in vulnerable contexts.

To read the complete study of Villaroel, Gairín and Garcés, click here.

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