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During this month the teachers Verónica Leiva (PUCV) and María Inés Vázquez (IUACJ) will visit EDO-UAB.

The group EDO-UAB is always open to share their experience and expertise with researchers from other universities, so it is common to members of other universities research stays of short or long duration in order to perfect itself and at the same time, contribute their views on the research carried out within the group. In this regard, during this great month of May we will be visited by the EDO Professor Veronica Leiva, professor at the Pontifical Catholic University of Valparaiso (Chile), who work during their stay in the preparation of research focused on analyzing the leadership styles in children's education.

We will also receive a visit María Inés Vázquez, Professor of the Institute of Youth Christian Association (Uruguay). In this case, her goal is to deepen the experiences of specific research carried out by UAB to strengthen the research area linked to innovation and organizational development of the institution in order to transfer part of results of the research to be carried out in teaching.

Both teachers belong to institutions associated with the Support Network for Educational Management (RedAGE), thus matching in the the UAB during these days will serve to also analyze the specific actions that are being carried out within the framework of the net.

Anyone interested in a stay at the EDO-UAB, which meets the requirements for doing so, you can request it through the following email address:

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