Directori de la UAB

Vilma Carolina Arévalo Lancellotti

PhD Student
Short biography: 

Toddler Educator Mention in Mental Deficiency and Bachelor of Education, Master of Education in Curriculum Statement, Post- degree in Psychology, all titles and degrees were awarded by University of Tarapacá - Chile.

Since 2010 she works at University of Tarapacá in the Department of Undergraduate Teaching performing functions in the area of management. During 2015, she has made the chairs of "Family Integration and Inclusion" to Educational Psychology, "Skills Development social and teamwork" for the Race of General Basic Education and “Supervision of Professional Practice” for Preschool Education career. Moreover, she is part of the Commission of Career Design Special Education belonging to the Faculty of Education at the same University.

Thesis Directors. PhD. Joaquín Gairín Sallán and PhD. José Luis Muñoz

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