VIII International Conference of the EDO Group

The group -

Today takes place the VIII International Days of the Group EDO of the UdL titled "New organizational approaches in the organizations".

Today, May 19th, the VIII International Days of the EDO Group takes place in the Meeting Room of the Faculty of Law and Economics of the University of Lleida. The meeting deals with new organizational approaches in the organizations and the participants are members and collaborators of the EDO group of UAB, UAH, UGR, UdL, UIC, ORT, PUCV and experts from other EDO collaborating groups.

The seminar begins by exposing the current situation of the EDO group by the hand of the director of the EDO-UAB, Joaquin Gairín. Below is a summary of actions and operation of the current moment of the nodes of the group in charge of seven professionals of the EDO of different universities.

Then takes place a presentation on aspects of relevant studies and cooperative workshops on strategic planning of ODE, promotion of cross-sectional research and promotion of transfer. To end the day there is a formation activity on new approaches to training in organizations regarding informal learning, energized by Jesús Martínez Marín, and the presentation of the future proposals of the EDO group.

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