VII International Forum for University Innovation

Meetings -

During the days of July 12 to 14, 2017, the VII International Forum for University Innovation was held in Vigo. 

On July 12, 13 and 14, the VII International Forum for University Innovation took place in the city of Vigo at the headquarters of the institution Afundación The organizer of the event has been the same International Forum of University Innovation along with the collaboration of Galician universities and institutions.

This forum has brought together professionals from the university field to reflect about the changes and transformations that are taking place, and advances in new trends in the development of university and its impact in the field of knowledge and social relations. Among the attending professionals has been the director of the EDO group, Joaquin Gairín.

The forum has been carried out on the basis of four axes to analyze the innovation in each one of them:

Axis 1: Innovations in curricular and pedagogical approaches and designs.
Axis 2: Trends in innovation and in commitment and university social responsibility.
Axis 3: Contributions in the application of Technologies and Research in the digital innovation that is taking place in universities.
Axis 4: Changes in university management to new and more innovative models.

The headquarters of the event, Afundación, is a private non-profit institution whose objective is to promote educational, social and cultural activities that improve Galician society. On the other hand, the iS + D Foundation has been responsible for disseminating the activity, an institution with the aim of promoting and developing Advanced Social Research as a tool for diagnosis and the search for solutions that facilitate social understanding.

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