VI Ibero-American Congress on Educational Quality

Meetings -

On July 6th,7th and 8th of 2017 took place the 6th Ibero-American Conference on Educational Quality.

On July6th,7th and 8th 2017 the 6th Ibero-American Conference on Educational Quality was celebrated at Bellaterra Campus of the Autonomous University of Barcelona. The Ibero-American Commission for Educational Quality has been the main organizer of the congress where the EDO-UAB group has also participated in conjunction with the International University of Catalonia.

The theme of this year's congress was "Neuroeducation: The New Pedagogical Border". A space of debate and reflection was created around the following thematic lines: 

1.- Neuroscience, Neuroeducation (genetics, epigenetics) and other challenges.
2.- Quality and Curriculum, what should be taught?
3. - Didactics, the reality of the classroom or how to teach in the day to day.
4.- Educational policy, the great educational, institutional and systemic inequalities. Compared realities.
5.- Evaluation, only the results count?
6.- Science and technology, creativity and art, development and innovation in the classroom.

In this sixth edition, there has been a whole program of lectures, seminars, educational tables and reflection tables where researchers from different areas and specialties have had the opportunity to present their results and experiences, thus enriching the vision of the participants.

Members of the EDO group participated in the congress through various interventions. On the one hand, in the "Inclusion in Higher Education", led by Diego Castro and Aleix Barrera, for the promotion of vulnerable groups in higher education, where they presented the results of ACCEDES project, the preliminar results of Access4all project and the structures and future development of ORACLE project.. On the other hand, the Phd candidates in educatiotn Cecilia Inés Suárez, Luís Venegas and doctors Georgeta Ion, the director of the EDO group, Joaquín Gairín, and the Vicedean of the Faculty of Communication Sciences, Marta Bertran, participated in a panel discussion about strategies to promote the inclusion of vulnerable groups in the university structure.

Also worthy of note is the intervention of the dean of the Faculty of Educational Sciences of the Autonomous University of Barcelona, Joaquín Gairín, who holds a lecture entitled "Attention to vulnerable groups. The challenge of combining quality, equity and Excellence in higher education. "

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