Use and abuse of new information and communication technology by adolescents (MAPFRE2012-0001)

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Fundación MAPFRE
December 2012 to December 2013

Currently Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is present in all areas of daily life. Its extensive use has revolutionised traditional ways of accessing information, communicating and relating, greatly facilitating day to day work.

Beyond the undeniable benefits brought by the use of computers, mobile phones, video games and Internet devices (smartphones, iPads, iPods), among others, technology can also be a threat if it is wrongly used or abused. The dangers are greatest for the 12-18 age group who are more vulnerable to acquiring habits of dependency for this type of device and tool.

This project diagnoses and evaluates the current use by young Spanish people of ICT to design a guide and code of action for the responsible use of the devices in secondary schools and professional training centres by students, teachers and parents.

Although the production of the guide does not solve the social problems we think it will serve as a basis for other educational initiatives that involve the whole educational community in the promotion of healthy habits in the use of ITC, both and school and in the family and social situations. Previous experience linked to the production of a Code of Conduct for school sports competitions (Gairín et al. 2011) proves this.

The study will be carried out in three phases. In the first, diagnostic, phase data will be collected from 300 questionnaires to adolescents, 21 in-depth interviews with teachers and 2 discussion groups with young people and teachers in three Spanish regions (Andalusia, Madrid and Catalonia). From the analysis of the data collected a guide and a code for action will be produced using  Delphi and focus group techniques.

Use and abuse of TIC guide:

Funding: 15.000 €

Project members: 

Diego Castro (UAB, Coord.), María José Bartrina (Generalitat de Catalunya), Anna Díaz (UAB), Joaquín Gairín (UAB), Cristina Mercader (UAB), Marta Mozo (UAB), David Rodríguez-Gómez (UAB) & Beatriz Sabaté (UAB)

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