UAB grades improve positions in the ranking of the newspaper 'El Mundo'

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Twenty degrees at UAB is located in the top five in Spain according to the ranking of the newspaper El Mundo.

UAB highlights once again the ranking of the 50 most popular grades of Spain produced the World: improved results in 2016 and has achieved the second best score, only surpassed by the Complutense University of Madrid.

Specifically, UAB twenty degrees (one more than last year) are in the top five of the standings in their respective categories. Of these, five have reached the first position: Environmental Science, Political Science and Public Administration, Audiovisual Communication, Advertising and Public Relations and Veterinary.

In addition, classified second grades in Biology, Physics, Translation and Interpretation, Social Education, Childhood Education and Primary Education. The teacher teaches the EDO in the last three degrees above.

El Mundo analyzes fifty degrees taught at universities around the state. Of these fifty, UAB offers thirty-five. The results of the ranking is based on data obtained through the universities themselves, questionnaires for teachers and other objective indicators such as the international rankings and reports the National Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation (ANECA).

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