Training in University Management


On-site sessions of the Master’s Degree on Training and University Management in UDELAS university, Panama. 

From 4th to 8th of September the fourth week of on-site sessions of Master’s Degree on Training and University Management takes place in the Universidad Especializada de las Américas, which EDO group, through their Laboratory of services EDO-SERVEIS, is developing in this Panamanian institution.

This time, the training actions will be directed by Dr. Francesc Pedró (Chief, Education Policy, UNESCO-París) and Dr. Joaquín Gairín (coordinator of the Master’s). The main topic on this occasion is to analyze international tendencies about university policies and to know their different implication in training processes and institutional management. In this training week, the Master’s is in the equator of its schedule, starting topics focused on university governance and management. The next on-site meeting will take place at the end of October this year.

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