Teaching attitudes towards curricular innovation

Investigación -

PhD thesis by Galia Meneses Riquelme about the teaching staff at the University of Tarapacá (Chile).

Galia Meneses defended the dissertation thesis with the title 'Attitudes of teachers to curricular innovation. The case of the University of Tarapacá '. The doctoral thesis has been directed by Dr. Marina Tomàs and tutored by Doctor Joaquín Gairín, of the Autonomous University, framed within the Doctorate in Education.

The dimensions that were established in the study corresponded to the provision before the curricular innovation, the change in the institution, structure and operation, and the professor as curricular agent of change. On the basis of this, the purpose of the investigation was to determine the attitudes of the teaching staff to the curricular innovation. That is why it was necessary to analyze the appreciation that teachers had about their willingness to comment on the change for the curricular innovation process.

The defense took place in the Degree Hall of the Faculty of Education on November 15, the same day as William Eduardo Pulido, who defended his thesis on inclusion in higher education in Colombia and David Henriquez, who presented the thesis about the perception of ethnic prejudice of Aymara students.

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