Study of Educational Innovation in Spain

Finantial Entity: 
CIDE. Ministerio de Educación de España
January 2006 to January 2007

This study seeks to provide a response to the following questions:

- What prior conditions are required at centres in order for the need for innovation to arise?

- What conditions facilitate or hinder the planning, undertaking and evaluation of innovations, from centres, the education community, support services outside of the centre, the immediate surroundings and education and local administrations?

- What are the motivations for and the rewards for the effort invested by teachers and the education community to undertake innovations?

- In what subjects or aspects of education is it perceived that innovation has occurred?

The project team, made up of 21 researchers belonging to eleven autonomous communities of Spain, approaches the analysis of educational innovation by means of three types of methodology:

- Questionnaire for teachers participating in educational innovation projects and Questionnaire for agents external to the innovation (advisors, inspectors, assessors).

- Two discussion groups in each of the autonomous communities involving participation, on the one hand, of the teachers implied in educational innovation projects and, on the other, agents that are external to the innovation.

- Eight case studies of education centres with educational innovation projects in progress.

The results obtained present a highly diverse reality in relation to educational innovation, but which is consistent with the major implication that the teachers participating in these projects show with respect to the quality of the education of their students.

Project members: 

Carlos Marcelo (US, Coord.), Peio Aramendi (UPV), Santiago Arencibia (ULP), Carme Aremengol (UAB), Carlos Ayala (Prof. Secundaria), Carolina Cotillas (UV), Maria Fernández (U. Burgos), Joaquín Gairín (UAB), Beatriz Gallego (Orientadora IES), Rufino González (USC), Cristina Mayor (US), Joan Jordi Montané (UIB), José Luís Muñoz (UAB), Paulino Murillo (US), Marta Poncet (USC), Fátima Romera (US), Maria Rosa Rosselló (UIB), Marita Sánchez (US) & Juan Carlo Torrego (UAH)

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