Study of the dimensions of visibility of contemporary university lecturers (Exp. 005/07)

Finantial Entity: 
Ministerio de Trabajo y Asuntos Sociales de España
January 2005 to January 2006

From recent studies carried out by the same research group on leadership and participation in decision-making in the university and of other national and European groups linked to the subject work on the causes and, consequently, the intervention strategies to be followed with respect to the poor visibility of women in the main scenarios of the university.

A concept approach of visibility of university lecturers is taken from different types of category: formal and informal and from 4 dimensions: participation, decision-making, expertise and division of power.

Wht are there still more male than female rectors? Why are the bibliographic quotes predominantly by male lecturers? What impedes women lecturers from taking a step forward and becoming more visible?

Our study takes a deeper look at the reasons why even though they are equally valid the visibility of women lecturers is lower.

Fundings: 23.567,50€

Project members: 

Dolors Bernabeu (UAB); Diego Castro (UAB); M.Mar Durán (UAB); Monica Feixas (UAB); Cristina Guillamón (UAB); Georgeta Ion (Universidad de Bucarest); José Manuel Lavié (Universidad de Sevilla); Julián López (Universidad de Sevilla);          Marita Sánchez (Universidad de Sevilla); Carme Sanjuan (UAB) y Marina Tomàs (Directora, UAB)

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