Seminars and conferences of Joaquín Gairín for the CETYS of Mexico

Formació -

EDO Group’s director supports the Master and Doctorate in education.

Professor Joaquín Gairín is supporting the Doctorate and Masters in Education of the CETYS University of Mexico, in the week of January 29th and in its Tijuana and Mexicali campuses. Specifically, it develops in each of them a seminar about 'The processes of change and improvement in education' and an open conference on 'How to manage collective knowledge in educational organizations?'.

Meanwhile he will keep in conversation with academic authorities from that university to deepen interuniversity exchange programs and the development of new programs by the UAB and of interest to CETYS university.

On the other hand, during the week of February 5th to 9th the final projects of the two groups of the Postgraduate in Education (Specialty in Didactics of the Sciences and Specialty in Didactics that Mathematics) that EDO Serveis has coordinated are presented.

Sponsored by the SENACYT (Panama) and developed by teachers of the departments of Applied Pedagogy and Didactics of Sciences and Mathematics (UAB), it has allowed more than 70 secondary school teachers to be updated in the new educational approaches and didactics applied to the classroom.

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