Renata Marciniak

PhD in Economica and Management Science
Short biography: 

PhD in Economic and Management Science by Economic University of Krakow (Poland), Master's Degree in Research of Education by Autonomous University of Barcelona, Bachelor's Degree and Master's Degree in Organization and Management of Enterprises, by Higher School of Management in Katowice. She is also an expert in Virtual Learning Environments by the Insitute of Teachers Training VirtualEduca and the Center of High University Studies of Buenos Aires, where she postgraduate in this field. Currently, she is developing her PhD in the Educational PhD program in the Autonomous University of Barcelona. She is a face-to-face and virtual teacher of different Polish universities. Her professional experience also includes management tasks in Polish organizations, and counseling tasts in knowledge management, virual training, and administration in  educational organizations and in small and medium enterprises. She has published two books (Strategic Management and Factors of Organization) and several papers related to management and organizational quality and virual education quality, and has presented different contributions for international congresses in this field. 

Research Line(s): 
Virtual Higher Education Quality, Improvement of Virtual programs, models, standars and assessment indicators of those programs. 
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