Public Policy for childhood and adolescence at the local level

Research -

The researcher of the EDO group, José Luís Muñoz, participates in a job for the diagnosis of public policies for childhood and adolescence.

During the months of March to May 2017, José Luís Muñoz, a researcher from the EDO group and a professor in the Department of Applied Pedagogy at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, is participating, together with other experts in the field, in the "diagnosis on the main challenges of public policies for children and teenagers at the local level".

The work, coordinated by the SIIS - Center for Documentation and Studies and promoted by the council of Vitoria-Gasteiz (Álava), has the dual purpose of diagnosing needs and knowing the situation of childhood and adolescence in the municipality, as well as to serve as a basis for the planning and development of the "Second Local Plan for Children and Teenagers of Vitoria-Gasteiz".

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