Professional profiles and training needs related with the environment

Finantial Entity: 
Ministry of Employment, Generalitat de Catalunya
January 1999

This research responds to a demand from the Generalitat de Catalunya’s Ministry for Employment, as part of the Planes de Ocupación (Employment Plans) programme. The study seeks to analyse professional profiles and training activity related with the environment, the aim being to understand means for finding employment.

It uses a qualitative methodology based on the analysis of the competences and functions of humanities professionals, on the basis of a description, in order to be able to produce the professional profiles. It combines analysis based on the collection of information from in-depth interviews along with the contributions of a discussion group and theoretical analysis of the parameters of the degree course in relation with the job market.

The relevant field information includes interviews with 27 environmental science students at the UAB, 9 experts (professors of environmental sciences, representative of the Environmental Sciences Association, representative of ADENC, and two trade union representatives) and 27 entrepreneurs from seven production sectors.

Project members: 

Joaquín Gairín (UAB, Coord.), Màrius Martínez (UAB), Jesús Mª Martín, Mª del Mar Otero & Xavier Piro

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