Primitivo Sánchez Delgado


Complutense University of Madrid - Faculty of Education
Departament of Didactis and School Organization
C/ Rector Royo-Villanova s/n. 28040 - Madrid

UCM Tenured Professor
Short biography: 

Bachelor’s Degree and PhD in Education Science with distinction by Complutense University of Madrid (UCM), Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and Arts (Geography, History and Art History) by University of Salamanca.
He has taught more than 120 training courses for teachers and he has coordinated lots of seminars, work-groups, institutional training projects, meetings, etc. He has participated in Latin-America in university teacher’s training in Mexico, Equator, Argentina, Nicaragua and Chile.
He has been a teacher in every educational level (Nursery, Primary, Secondary Education, Professional Training and University). He was a Continuous Education adviser in a Teacher’s Centre (CEP) in Leganes (Madrid) and the manager of continuous teacher’s training of UCM as a Assistant Manager of Education Science Institute (ICE). Among his books, it should be noted “Teaching and learning” and “Professional Development of teachers and educators”; and among his papers “Study of the system and operation of link classrooms in Madrid. From regulation to daily reality” published in Revista de Educación, 352; and “Organization of link classrooms in Madrid”, published in Cultura y Educación, 23 (1).

Research Line(s): 
Teacher’s and Educator’s Personal and Professional development, interculturality, education for peace and human rights, history’s didactics.
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