Presentation and discuss: learn in organizations

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The meeting took place in the V edition of the EDO International Congress.

On May 8th, the debate on "Training in the IV Industrial Revolution: unlearning to relearn" was held in Barcelona (Center d'Estudis Jurídis i Formació Especialitzada), which was moderated by Xavier Mas (UOC). The discussion, which aroused the interest of a large audience, was led by Joaquín Gairín (Director of the EDO Group of the UAB), Àngel Cortadelles (Director of Services of the Department of Justice of the Generalitat de Catalunya), Lluís Pastor (Director of the eLearn Center of the UOC), Dolors Reig (The Carapace) and Javier Martínez (Catenary). The main challenges of organizations in terms of learning and through training were put on the table.

During the ceremony also presented the new book "Learning in the organizations of the digital era: alternatives from training and for transformation" (Editorial UOC), written by José Luís Muñoz (member of the Group EDO of the UAB) and Jesús Martínez (CEJFE). A work of reference in the subject and that highlights the main emerging trends to promote professional and organizational development from the possible and necessary transformations.

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