ORACLE - Regional Observatory for the Quality of Equity in Higher Education in Latin America (574080-EPP-1-2016-1-ES-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP)

Finantial Entity: 
European Commission (Erasmus +)
October 2016 to October 2019

The project presented pretends to create a Regional Observatory for Quality and Equity in Higher Education in Latin America (ORACLE). The project is based on the assumption that there is no possible quality without equity. For it, the project involves the participation of 35 universities from 15 countries from Latin America and 5 European countries. It will be developed for 36 months from 2016 to 2019.

ORACLE is an innovative project although it seeks to give continuity and sustainability to 4 ALFA.3 projects supported by the EU.

In order to achieve an optimal function of the Observatory, previously, it is going to be built a Quality and Equity Unit (UCE) in each one of the 30 universities that participate in the project. These UCE's will propose and design actions, policies and strategies of institutional quality assurance and equity. Likewise, these institutional units will operate in a reticulated way and they will be the starter point and the main emphasis of ORACLE. The creation of new structures will encourage the Organizational Development of the Higher Education institutions of "la Región".

The groups in vulnerable situation that ORACLE's Observatory is focused on are a total of eight: indigenous people, women, people with disabilities, non- traditional students, population with very low HDI, immigrants, ethnic minority groups and citizens from rural areas. ORACLE aims to provide an integral and integrated service and, unlike other initiatives, it is not exclusively circumscribed on the academic development of the students, but it will also work with people in vulnerable situations among all levels (professors, students, administrative staff and managers) and all institutional functions: teaching, research and management.

Total Budget: 994.190,00 €

Project members: 

Ana María Albuquerque (UnB), Consuelo Arce (UT), Carme Armengol (UAB), Adoración Barrales (UV), Aleix Barrera-Corominas (UAB), Walda Barrios (FLACSO), Juana María Brito (UCF), Katherine Chiluiza (ESPOL), Diego Castro (UAB, co-coordinador), Norma Cándida Corea (UNAN-Managua), Ruth Díaz (UCV) Sebastian Donoso (UTalca), Fabio Dovigo (UNIBG), Carlos Mario Duque (UdeA), Carlos Filippi (UMA), Joaquín Gairín (UAB, co-coordinador), Ana Garzón (UNEMI), Liliana Hernández (UTA), Miguel Jerónimo (IPL), Flor Isabel Jiménez (UCR), Ana María Komarek (UMPSFMX), Luís Alberto Lemus (URL), Marcia Lopes (UNESP), Alejanda Martínez (UCB), Clauria Maria Melgar (UES), Cristina Mercader (UAB), Nuby Molina (ULA), Guadalupe Palmeros (UJAT), Francisco Javier Parajón (UNAN-León), Eva Penz (FHJ), Mirna Victoria Quinteros (UJMD), Luciano Román (UCP), Ana Rosa Ruiz (ITCR), Cecilia Inés Suárez (UAB), Marisa Talavera (UIP), Andrea Tejera (ORT), Nicolasa Terreros (UDELAS), Boris Tristá (UH), Andrés Felipe Valderrama (AAU) & María Inés Vázquez (IUACJ).

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