ORACLE- Regional Observatory of Quality and Equity of Higher Education in Latin America

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ORACLE will create a Regional Observatory for the Quality and Equity of Higher Education in Latin America. We start from the principle that there is no possible quality without equity.

The ORACLE project aims to promote a structure responsible for analyzing, comparing and propose actions aimed at improving the quality and equity university: Regional Observatory that will be set based on each unit linking quality equity molded in different universities.

In the initiative participate 35 universities belonging to 15 countries in Latin America and five in Europe. Developed in 36 months between 2016 and 2019. ORACLE is a new project but intends to continue and sustainability IN FOUR projects ALFA AND, three from the EU.




- Create the conditions for joining appropriate organizational structure of each institution associated Observatory Institutional Equity.
- Provide functional organizational (mission and vision, resources and relational dynamics) to institutional Observatory.
- Linking institutional observatory each Regional Observatory. (Oracle).
- Diagnose the situation of different groups in relation to its functions in the context of higher education.
- Build models to evaluate university quality linking it to equal access, development and success of all those involved.
- Identify the degree of equity with which tertiary education institutions design their policies and actions in their different functions.
- Promote organizational development and modernization of universities in the region.
-Apply and validate the model of development and institutional modernization.
- Institutionalize and disseminate the tools and results.

Because the observatory can function previously in each of the 30 participating universities will be a quality unit and Equity, which will be devoted to design and propose actions, policies and strategies of institutional equity underwriting. These institutional units will work and will be the embryo of reticular ORACLE. Creating new structures will favor the Organizational Development of the higher education institutions in the region.

Vulnerable groups which observatory is focused  are eight: Indians, women, the disabled, students do not always, people with very low HDI, immigrants, ethnic minorities and citizens from areas breakfast. Oracle aims to provide a comprehensive and integrated, unlike other initiatives, is not limited exclusively to the promotion of academic students, but work with vulnerable people from different strata (teachers, students and staffs administration and management) and different institutional functions: teaching, research and management.

Global Allocation: € 994,190.00

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