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Open call for registration in Postgraduate studies and Master’s Degree on Center Management to Educational Innovation. 

Open call for registration in the 5th edition of Postgraduate studies and Master’s Degree on Center Management to Educational Innovation until next 19th of October, coordinated by the Organizational Development Team (EDO) of UAB.

Postgraduate and Masters in Educational Innovation Centers:
Specialized training for professionals who wish to acquire the necessary skills for leadership and management of education and training centers, with a clear focus on the analysis and promotion of innovation.
This program was born out of the need of education professionals to acquire skills that help them develop, in an effective way, management and leadership tasks of education and training institutions. This program is not only addressed to professionals in a formal context, but also this program offers a sufficiently broad training that is able to satisfy both teachers seeking to access to leadership positions as well as other professionals who are developing management activities in the field of training or socio-cultural institutions with a clearly educational perspective.

It is important to highlight that both programs are accredited by the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), which is positioned in the International Rankings as the best in Spain. Because of it, training in UAB is the best decision for your future and an assurance of professional and personal development.

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