María del Pilar Cáceres Reche


Departamento de Didáctica y Organización Escolar
Facultad de Ciencias de la Educación
Universidad de Granada
Campus de Cartuja, 18071
Granada - España

Tenured Professo - U. of Granada
Short biography: 

Teaching Diploma specialized in Foreign Languages (English) with the Graduation Extraordinary Prize. Psycho-pedagogy with the Graduation Extraordinary Prize and the 3rd Place National Prize. Ph.D in Science of Education from University of Granada. She has published various articles, books and chapters of books in several research areas, such as leadership in educational organizations from a gender perspective, and methodological processes in teaching and learning, which she has developed through various visits to countries like United Kingdom, Italy, Portugal and Mexico. She also participates in projects of innovation in pilot studies about teaching adaptation to European credit in teaching in universities, which are defined and analyse the experiences that students present in the management of ICTs (Technology of Information and Communication) in the new plans of study canalized from the philosophy of European Space of Higher Education. At the present, she is an assistant professor/ Ph.D in Department of Teaching and School Organization in University of Granada.

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