'Learning in the organizations of the digital era’

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José Luis Muñoz (EDO) and Jesús Martínez (CEJFE) analyze the training in organizations in the current paradigm.

‘Learning in the organizations of the digital age’ (Barcelona: Editorial UOC) is the title of the new book that Jose Luís Muñoz, researcher of the EDO Group and professor of the Department of Applied Pedagogy of the UAB, has written along with Jesús Martínez (CEJFE - Department of Justice of the Generalitat of Catalonia).

The work focuses on the learning that organizations promote in the complex and changing environment of the digital age. Repair emerging trends in order to promote professional development and organizational development, along the path of transformations that can and must occur.

The multifaceted reality of the training takes a special role in the text, providing strategic elements for the analysis and permanent improvement, change and innovation. Concerns about the role of managers and managers, as well as the role of training departments, or informal learning and new methodological proposals, among other issues, are treated as relevant aspects to understand the subject.

The guidelines considered are especially useful for institutional and professional managers of training and human resources, as well as for trainers and other actors and agents interested in the progress of both individual and collective learning.

Available at: http://www.editorialuoc.cat/aprender-en-las-organizaciones-de-la-era-digital

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