Secondary school - university transition and university entry. The reception of first year students. (2004MQD00076)

Finantial Entity: 
Dept. Universitats - Generalitat de Catalunya (Programa MQD)
January 2003 to January 2005

The university should adapt to a social reality that is permanently changing and consequently it must be capable of generating structural and operative changes in their forms of teaching and management. Therefore more and more universities are taking care to receive, orientate and help their students, facilitating the transition from secondary school and offering orientation and help during their studies as well as support for their transition to the world of work. All of these interventions go to reinforce the centrality of the figure of the students and the process of teaching and learning as the driving forces for university activity in the current process of European convergence.

The transition to university forms part of a process of personal and academic growth, overcoming a series of obstacles and meeting new challenges and is a great opportunity for students to demonstrate their capacity for adaptation to new contexts. Transition involves moving from one situation that is familiar and to which the person in adapted, to another that is full of uncertainties, unknown quantities and where the framework of reference is either unknown or unclear.

From the point of view of the students, teachers, institutional managers of centres and faculties, the field study carried out  by the Tutorial Group of the UAB seeks to discover perceptions and evaluations of the main agents  of actions of promotion and reception that are offered at the UAB to promote gradual transition to the university.

Funding: 9.450€

Project members: 

Joaquín Gairín (UAB, Coord.), Mònica Feixas (UAB), Cristina Guillamón (UAB), José Luís Muñoz (UAB) & Dolors Quinquer (UAB)

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