Teaching-learning internaction in schools with a strong presence of students from immigrant families (2005ARIE-10049)

Finantial Entity: 
Universities and Research Grants Management Agency. Department of Innovation, Universities and Business Generalitat de Catalunya,
January 2005 to January 2006

This research had as its main objective the analysis and detection of elements involverd in the processes of interaction between teachers and students of immigrant origin who have recently become incorporated in the education system. Its content is centred on the analysis and improvement of aspects of the teaching and learning process, omitting others such as those referring to the classroom environment, the centre and the education system that are analysed in the same study.

We worked with a total of 36 primary and secondary school centres and the fieldwork consisted of 261 questionnaires for teachers, 27 classroom observations, 10 discussion groups (made up of teachers, external assessors and the centre's management team), 22 in-depth interview with teachers, 56 life stories for students  and 18 interviews with experts in the education system (academics, specialists and inspectors).

The main results show the need to think up and incorporate elements of an emotional nature in the framework of interaction processes, since they cannot be understood only from the academic parameters or the evaluation of the results. What also emerged was the need to modify certain teaching proposals and methodologies so that, incorporating the specificity and originality of each student the necessary relationships are permitted and guaranteed to be equal with the rest of the class group. Also, the need to incorporate intercultural competencies in the heart of the teaching practice.

Funding: 6.600 Euros.


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