Jornada Internacional RedAGE


RedAGE will celebrate an International working day in Santiago de Chile to commemorate its ten years of existence.

The Educational Management Support Network will celebrate its tenth anniversary on April 12th, 2018 with the celebration of an International working day whose main object will be "School management in Ibero-America: progress and challenges". This activity, that will take place at the University of Talca's headquarters in Santiago, Chile, will be structured around two main conferences, one of which will be given by Professor José Weinstein, director of the Center for Development and Educational Leadership at Chile, under the title "Challenges for school management in Latin America."

In addition, the Conference will feature a round table in which experts from Cuba, Spain, Peru and Chile will participate to discuss and debate with the public the current situation and new challenges of the training of specialists in school management. There will also be a Symposium in which the last lines of work will be presented in relation to the challenges posed by research in educational management. In this case experts from Brazil, Chile, Panama and Uruguay will participate too.

The conference will also show to the public the main achievements of RedAGE during its years of existence, as well as to promote the activities it intends to carry out in the short and medium term.

EDO-UAB promoted the creation of RedAGE together with the ORT University of Uruguay and the financial support of the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation and Development. Since 2012 RedAGE is a non-profit association whose main objective is to promote the improvement of educational management in Ibero-America.

For more information about the working day consult the program available in this link. Click here to access the registration form and here for registration and payment information.

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