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Internalización de la Educación en Iberoamérica: reflexiones y proyecciones

TitleInternalización de la Educación en Iberoamérica: reflexiones y proyecciones
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsBris, MM, Blanco, MJ
Number of Pages113
ISBN Number978-84-680-4540-5

Mario Martín Bris, and in this case with the collaboration of Mariano Jabonero Blanco, are the authors of the publication entitled 'Internationalization of Education in Ibero-America: reflections and projections', highlighting that internationalization has gone from being a reality becoming a necessity.
It must be taken into account that the scenario on which live text lives immersed in an economy that suffers from severe cyclical crises and suffers from low levels of competitiveness. In addition, this region has suffered the multiplication of institutions of higher education, a fact that must be added to the lack of regulatory norms and, therefore, of homogenization. In spite of everything, the horizon is encouraging, if internationalization is maintained as an objective to turn education into a regulatory and qualifying component.

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