Institutional evaluation in mandatory education in Latin America

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Joaquín Gairín and Anna Díaz Vicario, have coordinated the 8th RedAGE report on the Ibero-American institutional evaluation systems.

Joaquin Gairín and Anna Días Vicario, members of the EDO-UAB, with the collaboration of 44 other authors, have coordinated the report titled: "Institutional evaluation system in mandatory Ibero-American education.

This document aims to analyze how schools are evaluated as a whole. Above all it emphasizes knowing the organization and development of the evaluation system that is carried out in each one of the countries that are part of the RedAGE. To this effect, it provides the vision of 43 specialists from thirteen Ibero-American countries about the ways to understand and promote the institutional evaluation of mandatory education schools.

The orientation of the book is linked to the annual meeting that the RedAGE held on May 16 and 17, 2016 in the city of Leiria (Portugal). The publication covers the objective of RedAGE to promote the exchange of experiences, the promotion of knowledge about management and reflection on management practice.

The ultimate goal is to improve the functioning of schools by ensuring that they have quality and an instrument for professional and social change.

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