Innovation and academic management

Meetings -

Professors of EDO-UAB participate in the "II Meeting for innovation and academic management", organized by the University of Guadalajara (Mexico).

On March 13 and 14, Professors Joaquín Gairín, David Rodríguez and Diego Castro participated as speakers at the II Meeting for Innovation and Academic Management that the University of Guadalajara (Mexico) has organized in order to offer a renewed vision on these themes to their department heads and members of the technical coordination councils of the degrees.

Specifically, Professor Joaquín Gairín has developed the inaugural conference titled "The university directors as agents of change", in which he emphasized the importance of the role of the manager to promote processes of change that contribute to the improvement of educational institutions, starting from a detailed analysis of the situation, and continuing with an adequate design of the procedures to achieve the desired change. Likewise, Professor Gairín has coordinated the seminar "Experiences of innovation and improvement of teaching in the university", in which have presented different applied proposals of experiences previously developed in different contexts.

For his part, Professor Diego Castro has developed the seminar "University management: an approach to the direction of the centers and department", in which together with the participants, have identified the basic competencies and functions that the management teams of departments and university centers have to carry out in order to promote processes of innovation and improvement in the management processes. Finally, Professor David Rodríguez has coordinated the seminar "Management of knowledge and informal learning", in which he presented the results of the latest research in this area, with special emphasis on the role of managers in identifying this learning and doing that this can be useful in the institutional day-to-day.

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