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The study on "Impact of ICT in the classroom from the perspective of teachers" made by EDO-UAB funded by Fundación Mapfre is finalized.

The group EDO-UAB has completed the project "Impact of ICT in the classroom from the perspective of teachers", which was funded entirely by the Mapfre Foundation through a contract of collaboration between both institutions. The study, coordinated by Dr. Joaquín Gairín And Dr.Diego Castro sought: (1) Analyze the impact that ICTs have on the teaching of compulsory education; (2) Analyze the impact that ICTs have on students in compulsory education; (3) Analyze the impact that ICTs have on the different contexts involved in compulsory education.

The study was conducted in four areas of Spain (north, south, east, west of the peninsula) corresponding to 10 regions. From a mixed methodology and with the collaboration of eight Spanish universities coordinated by the EDO-UAB, were collected about 1,300 questionnaires and were developed 88 interviews of critical incidents, 4 focus groups and 2 expert seminars.

The results suggest that the effects of ICT are smaller in culture and in the professional development, unequal in the context of general, educational development, planning and evaluation and conflict; and greater relationships and context center. In fact, ICT has had a positive effect on structural and relational issues, providing organizational tools and communication channels, while the effect is minor issues strictly related to the concept and the attitudes towards education.

This activity is part of the knowledge transfer activities carried out by EDO-UAB through laboratory services EDO-SERVICES, research structure whose main purpose is the collaboration of the group members with organizations outside the university. Among the activities there is the design of training proposals made for companies and institutions, the implementation of ad hoc studies, consultancy activities and the organization of scientific dissemination activities.

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