Guide to the evaluation of skills in the area of Social Sciences (IUE/3013/2007)

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AQU Catalunya
January 2008

The contribution being presented here deals with different aspects of the evaluation of skills and seeks to offer support to university teaching staff. Its objective is to help those responsible for certificates and courses in the planning and development of evaluations in accordance with the philosophy and practices of new education planning systems.

Its content is partly the fruit of the achievements of the different participant universities and the proven experience of the ten experts that participated in the seminar to validate the guide that was held on October 8, 2008. Some of the characteristics are described below.

  • It seeks to be a reference that overcomes two problems: not becoming a regulation and not being so specific that it cannot permit capacity for transfer.
  • It collects examples and a specific pedagogical proposal (that does not exclude other possible designs and that aims to be perfectible) that defines the vision of the group responsible.
  • It is orientative: it provides highly diverse instruments, but the examples, the contextualization and its development, i.e. that referring to specificity, are dealt with from different realities that serve as a reference.
  • It presents proposals that are adaptable and are considered progressive, to the extent that they can be used in the short or long term or can be situated on different levels in accordance with the development format that the proposal has acquired for each university or course.

The evaluation is considered thus, beyond its technical specifications, as a new opportunity for us to adapt to the diversity of students and a means to facilitate their learning and education. Viewed from this perspective, it does not omit the need to imply the students in evaluation processes, and in the development of a new evaluation culture in which students are considered the protagonists and which grants them that protagonism.



Resolution of December 11, 2007 by the director of AQU Catalunya, which resolves call IUE/3013/2007 (Published in DOGC no. 4986 of October 11, 2007) for the award of grants for the creation of guides for the evaluation of skills in the framework of the process for the accreditation of official university certificates in Catalonia.


Funding: 13.500€


Project members: 

Joaquín Gairín (UAB, Coord.), Carme Armengol (UAB), José María Cerla (URV), María José García (UAB), Mercè Gisbert (UAB) y David Rodríguez-Gómez (UAB)

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