Galia Meneses Riquelme

PhD Student
Short biography: 

 Nursery Teacher, she studied in University of Tarapacá (1981-1985) and worked 20 years as a teacher in a municipal school “Nonato Coo”, 8 years in a prívate school Antillanca in Santiago de Chile and for Ministry of Education as a supervisor (2002). Bachelor’s Degree in Education with the dissertation “The Autoevaluation processes in Santa Cruz School” (Catholic University Blas Cañas, 1997). She won an Abroad Internship for working in Israel (1998). 

Postgraduate Study in Educational Science with specialty in academic curriculum and evaluation with the dissertation “The Features of full time school Schedule and the results of the quality education measuring systems in Liceo Nonato Coo, community of Puente Alto (2007-2009).
Currently, she is working as a curricular adviser in Innovation and Developing Teaching Center of University of Tarapacá. Her task is to guide teachers in the process of adaptation and updating plans and study programs. She also teach in the Educational Department the subject of “Profound learning strategies and learning evaluation”. 

Thesis Director: PhD. Marina Tomàs i Folch

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