Evaluation of the effects and impact of the Plan Agrupado de Formación. Longitudinal analysis 2000 - 2004

Finantial Entity: 
Diputació de Barcelona. Servei de Formació Local
January 2005 to January 2006

This research responds to a demand from the Servei de Formació Local (Local Training Service) of the Diputació de Barcelona (Provincial Council) and offers a diachronic analysis of the accumulated effects that have been generated by the training actions of the Plan Agrupado de Formación (Grouped Training Plan), with respect to the change of opinions, expectations and practices of the teachers participating as users.

It involves a longitudinal study of the grouped training plans and presents proposals associated to the results obtained, by means of a diachronic study of the accumulated effects between 2000 and 2004 (both inclusive) that have been generated by these actions.

The basic nucleus of the research presents and analyses the changes, effects and impacts of training workers on the different councils that have participated in this evaluation.

Data is used on all of the participants in the evaluation since 2000 obtained by the application of questionnaires asked to 1,795 workers, 281 hierarchical superiors, 102 people responsible for training and 185 representatives of the workers on different councils in the province of Barcelona. Using quantitative methodology, the sample of participants in the evaluation is described and a factorial analysis is performed to evaluate the individual and joint effect of two factors: the year when the evaluation was undertaken, the type of council and the informant, over a series of dependent variables measured on a scale of 1 to 4. A one-factor variance analysis was also conducted in order to compare various groups in a quantitative variable.

Project members: 

Joaquín Gairín (UAB, Coord.), Carme Armengol (UAB), Aleix Barrera-Corominas (UAB), Paulino Carnicero (UB), María del Mar Duran (UAB) y Mercè Jariot (UAB)

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