EU Key Network- FamilyEduNet (2014-1-ES01-KA201-004737)

Finantial Entity: 
European Commission (Erasmus +)
September 2014 to August 2016

The main goals of this project are:

1. Creating an organizational network to join, follow and train families in Actions of Educational Success.
2. Spreading to European students’ families and parents’ associations, scientific evidences that point to educational successful with European Commission support.
3. Educating families in Actions of Educational Success.
4. Giving tools for participation in educational fields for families and education community in order to create a network for educational success.

It will be given special attention to three groups: gypsy ethnicity families, families with children in hospitals and families from rural backgrounds.

The products of this project are:
- An online course for training families in their participation in educational environment.
- A guide for those parents’ associations who wants to develop similar training actions in their education institutions.
- An on-site course for families who participated in our online course and are able to lead similar processes in their country of origin. 

Budget: 208.846,00 €
UAB: 17.517,50€

Project members: 

Miquel Àngel Essomba Gelabert (local coordinator-UAB), Berta Espona Barcons (UAB), Josep Guardiola Salinas (UAB), Anna Tarrés Vallespí (UAB), Fapac (coordinator), Universidad de Oviedo, EPA - European Parent’s Association (Belgium), CIEDT Amalipe (Bulgaria), CONFAP - Confederação Nacional das Associações de Pais (Portugal), STOWARZYSZENIE "RODZICE W EDUKACJI" (Poland). 

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