Study of the processes of change from a diagnosis of institutional culture and the dynamics of change in universities (SEJ2005-09237-C02-01/EDUC)

Finantial Entity: 
Ministerio de Educación y Ciencia. (Convocatoria I+D+i)
January 2004 to January 2007

The different changes, that have been so important in recent years, have meant that universities have had to modify a good part of their culture. Those responsible for universities have had to and will have to apply a range of strategies to achieve effective changes in universities to make them bodies that are adapted to the needs of society (Europe, research and development, knowledge society, etc. ).

This project is of a coordinating nature and looks into the processes of change that are occurring in universities; it does so from two perspectives -- one in each of the groups involved. The two perspectives are: organisational group and institutional culture and the social dynamics at the heart of the group or institution that is undergoing change.
The aim is to analyse the influence of institutional policies in the viability and quality of the changes that take place in universities, study the importance of institutional culture in the university and the group involved in the process of change and characterise the relations and dynamics that are involved in the processes of change analysed.

The system of work selects a sample of the changes taking place on the basis of their scope and the functions that they affect: teaching, research and management, each studied from both perspectives.

Funding: 14.518€

Project members: 

Dolors Bernabeu (UAB); Monica Feixas (UAB); Nuria Borrell (UB); Mariana Fuentes (UAB); Diego Castro (UAB); Marina Tomàs (Directora)

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