Defense of TFM of the Master in Leadership and Management of Educational Centers

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Defense of the Final Works of the Master in Leadership and Management of Educational Centers of the UAB together with the University of Deusto of Bilbao.

Today is the defense of the final works of the master in the management of centers of the Autonomous University of Barcelona with the University of Deusto located in Bilbao. The EDO group acts as coordinator of the program from the UAB.

The Master in Leadership and Management of Educational Centers provides the participants the necessary training for the management task. Professionals are trained based on the complexity of pedagogical and organized management of the current educational centers that increasingly require managers to exercise not only administrative and resource management functions but also increasingly broader functions of representation, planning, coordination, control-evaluation, human relations, community integration, pedagogy and promotion of innovation.

The Final Master's Works have been carried out with all the Master's competences. More specifically it is linked to the following specific competences:

1.- Organize the elements that are part of the structure of the center.
2.- Plan the development and evaluation of the center's projects by encouraging the participation and involvement of the members of the educational community, in order to respond to the real needs of the center.
3.- To direct the people who work in the educational center to obtain the maximum yield and its contribution to the implementation and development of the project.
4.- Carry out an institutional evaluation, which integrates the evaluation of the projects and processes of the educational center to improve and promote the necessary change processes.
5.- Promote processes of critical reflection on the projects, media and resources available to the center.
6.- Analyze the needs for improvement, both in the educational actions derived from the projects of the center.
7.- Elaborate, develop and evaluate a project of effective and operative management that allows leading and coordinating the projects of the center.

This Master has been recognized by the Generalitat of Catalonia as valid for the leadership and management of public educational centers according to the principles and priorities of the educational system.

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