Symposium "Learning by working in a network" in the V CIEDO


The interest and concern for learning processes is increasing among professionals and theoretical-researchers (not only in the educational field) for their contribution to the well being of people, as well as to the improvement of organizations and of society as a whole. In the strictly pedagogical field, theories about social learning are widely known and have a long history. However, it has not been until its transfer to the field of organizations, organizational learning, work in the workplace, that these theories and principles on social learning and online learning are concentrating the interest they deserve. In relation to this topic, the present symposium, coordinated by Dr. David Rodríguez, presents four contributions that aim to illustrate, from different perspectives and fields, research and practical experiences on policies, dynamics and tools that allow learning processes to be developed through networking, with and without the use of technology.

The first contribution focuses on the socio-educational sphere and has the dual objective of promoting online learning and connecting the various socio-educational services of the Raval district of Barcelona. The second contribution shows some of the results of a national research on organizational learning processes in primary and secondary schools, as well as the use made by teachers of technology to, among other things, interact and learn. The third text presents a proposal for a platform that aims to enhance the capacity for work and learning in the network of "Banc de Llet Banc de Sang i Teixits de Catalunya". The latest contribution reviews the characteristics and training needs of 21st century managers and proposes a professional development program based on action learning. These four contributions suppose a clear evidence of an increasingly marked and demanded tendency towards proposals that allow to generate learning processes with and through others, both in closed labour context as a more open and dynamic social-community environment.

The teacher of the EDO group will present a symposium entitled 'Learning by working in a network'.

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