David Henriquez Villaroel

PhD Student
Short biography: 

State Teacher in  Physical Education and Bachelor’s degree in Education, University of Chile. Master’s degree in Education and Curricula, Educational Psychologist, Educational Counselor and Vocational counselor, University of Tarapaca, Arica –Chile. Academic and Educational Counselor in Philosophy and Psychology Department, and Management of Student affairs. He had a grant for International Internship by Ministry of Education of Chile, at University of Málaga, Spain (2002) “Inclusion and Special Needs”. Currently, he is studying his PhD in Education at Autonomous University of Barcelona. His work field is focused on Prejudices and Stereotypes of university students coming from the opposite side of north zone in Chile. 

Thesis Directors: PhD. Diego Castro Ceacero and PhD. Joaquín Gairín Sallán

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