Daniel Villaroel Montaner

PhD in Education
Short biography: 

PhD in Education, Master’s Degree in Educational Research by the Autonomous University of Barcelona. He is an adjunct professor teaching Educational Management and Leadership, Educational Projects, Educational Policies and other research projects at University of San Sebastian (Concepcion, Chile). He has been invited to teach “Nacional Educational System” at University of Development (UDD). He has vast experience in management, being the director of the School Montaner of Hualpén (Chile) and consults to Civil Service as a representative figure at Council of High Public Direction in school principals tenders. He has received invitations of different organizations such as Education Commission of Chile’s Chamber of Congress to expose the debate for Education Quality, Assembly of German Schools, Avanza Chile’s Fundation, Conacep, among others. This trajectory has let him be an expositor in several International Conferences in Latin America and Europe, allowing him to publish in books, scientific journals. His work lines are Educational Management and Leadership, School Management and Organizational Development; and Educational Policies.

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