Conversation on advanced aspects of knowledge management: metrics and indicators

Seminars -

The 6 July was carried out an activity of the knowledge management programs in organizations at CEJFE, Barcelona.

The 6 of July the Center for Legal Studies and Specialized Training in Barcelona has hosted an activity on advanced aspects in knowledge management using metrics and indicators. The event was led by the staff of the Department of Justice, other departments, other public administrations, as well as other persons interested in the matter.

Conducted by the manager of Catenaria, Javier Martínez Aldanondo, the session has allowed attendees to talk about their projects and the problems that arise when evaluating the impact in terms of metrics and indicators.

At the end of this activity, a group of professionals linked to the field of knowledge management in Catalan public administrations, has held a seminar where discussions have been held on the main results obtained in the framework of the project "Map of good practices in creation and Management of knowledge in the Catalan public administration ", funded by the School of Public Administration of Catalonia with reference to 2015EAPC-00006, and developed by EDO-UAB in collaboration with CEJFE.

The person in charge of closing the event was professor of Applied Pedagogy and director of the EDO Group, Joaquín Gairín Sallán. As a result of the session the attendees have been more prepared to tackle knowledge management projects with an enriched look.

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