Consolidation as an added professor of Maria del Mar Durán

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Maria del Mar Durant Bellonch consolidates her teaching and research career at the UAB, within the framework of the EDO group.

On April 15th, Dr. Duran defended his teaching and research career in the Department of Applied Pedagogy in front of a tribunal formed by Joaquín Gairín (Dept. Pedagogia Aplicada, UAB), Maria Paz Sandín (U. de Barcelona) and Josefina Sala (Dept. Sistemàtica Pedagogia i Social, UAB), thus obtaining the status of permanent aggregate professor at the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

Maria del Mar Duran holds a degree in Philosophy and Letters and a PhD in Pedagogy from the UAB. Professor of the Department of Applied Pedagogy since 1995. She is specialized in training for the constitution and management of groups and teams of work in educational contexts. Investigate the dynamics of groups and business organizations, public administrations, different levels of the educational and university system, focusing on leadership, knowledge management and gender issues. He has published the results of the research carried out in books of prestigious publishing houses, as well as in journals of national and international impact.

For more information on its research profile, consult the following link.

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