Competitive projects

Title Period Funding
Study of university access for old people without academic certification (EA2009-0134) 2008 to 2009 MICINN (Programa de Estudios y Análisis)
AlineaME: Skills development on ICT degrees: Alignment of teaching- learning methodologies with evaluation (EA2009-0072) 2008 to 2009 MICINN (Programa de Estudios y Análisis)
The climate for work, participation and coexistence at schools in classrooms analysis, project and collaborative proposals for action 2007 to 2009 Comunidad Autónoma de Castilla-La Mancha
Agents and processes in online knowledge management (SEJ2007-7093/EDUC) 2006 to 2009 MICINN (Programa I+D+i)
Guide to the evaluation of skills in the area of Social Sciences (IUE/3013/2007) 2008 AQU Catalunya
Study of drop out rates by students in the Catalan university system (IUE/3012/2007) 2008 AQU Catalunya
Integral Security in Education Centres 2007 to 2008 Departament d’Educació. Generalitat de Catalunya
Production of training content aimed at educational agents, from an analysis of the interaction between teaching staff – learners in school context with a strong presence of students from immigrant families (ARAI06-00022) 2006 to 2007 Agency for Universities and Research. Department of innovation, Universities and Business. Generalitat de Catalunya
Study of Educational Innovation in Spain 2006 to 2007 CIDE. Ministerio de Educación de España
Integrative Practicum Model (MPI) and ECTS, consolidation and conciliation of models (2006MQD00030) 2005 to 2007 AGAUR (Programa MQD)


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