The challenge of current educational organizations

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The director of the EDO group, Joaquín Gairín, has held a lecture at the ORT University of Uruguay on current educational organizations.

Today, the Doctor of Philosophy and Letters of the Autonomous University of Barcelona, Joaquín Gairín, has held a lecture at the ORT Uruguay University in Montevideo, entitled "The challenge of current educational organizations: promoting and boosting attention to vulnerable groups."

The objective of the meeting was to reflect on the strategies aimed at recovering the meaning and usefulness of current educational organizations as instruments for the social transformation of education.

There are circumstances that endorse the current educational organizations and are kidnapped under normative processes or specific collective interests. To rethink its meaning, it must determine its link with society and its commitment to social justice. These relationships are those that have been analyzed in today's conference in which Dr. Gairín has reviewed some of the current strategies aimed at recovering the sense and the social utility of these institutions.

The activity has been organized by the Institute of Education of the ORT Uruguay University, including the exhibitor, Dr. Joaquín Gairín, is a visiting professor of postgraduate studies at this institute.

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