Celebration of the III Seminar of CEJFE / EDO

Seminars -

Today takes place at CEJFE, Barcelona, the third seminar of CEJFE / EDO entitled "Action learning experiences."

EDO Research Group and the Center for Legal Studies and Specialized Formation organized a seminar taking place today in Barcelona CEJFE. This year 150 people have registered for the meeting held with the aim of reflecting on experiences recently appeared in prestigious educational organizations.

The event consists of two round tables and two workshops to discuss the experiences applied in social learning and learning in action. The ultimate goal is to define a route, taking into account the new work scenarios to facilitate the transition from traditional practices of learning new, such as social networks or corporate model 70 20 10.

The activity includes the participation of professionals as Senior Manager at Microsoft, Inés Rodríguex, responsible Virtualtaula La Caixa, Ramón García, manager of the area of development, learning models and processes of Telefónica, Javier Miranda and director Humannova, Virginio Gallardo.

Also participating members of group EDO-UAB, Joaquín Rodríguez and David Gairín and researcher Association Studies in Public Administration in Argentina, Graciela M. Falivene, responsible for communication SERVEF Amalia Lopez, journalist and ColadePez editor, Luis Angel Fernández, writer and expert training, Jordi Lopez.

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