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The 15th of April ends the period to present a contribution to the International Forum on Education and Technology. "

The next 15th of April it ends the period to present a communication about a experience with technology research and innovation for the next FIETxs 2017 "Digital technologies in new learning scenarios", held at the Faculty of Sciences of Communication at the Autonomous University of Barcelona on 27 June.

The theme of this year FIETxs2017 adapts and continues with the general objectives of FIET: reflect and make proposals of transformer character based on the results of the research and the evidence that this gives us. This edition will consist of three symposia, two conferences and a table of communications for young researchers and teachers to share experiences and innovative research for professionals in educational technology. The inaugural conference on "Design of new learning scenarios" will be presented by Mr. Eduard Balcells (URL).The closing speech will be given by Alfons Cornella (Infonomia) and will focus on "The future of digital resources."

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