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EDO-UAB members participate in an Assessment Conference in Manchester (England).

On June 28th, the International Conference about International Assessment in Higher Education is held in Manchester, England. Under the theme "Leading assessment for learning in Higher Education" experts in evaluation from all over the world and specially from English speaking countries participate.

The Conference starts with a Keynote from Dr. David Carless, professor at University of Hong Kong. The speech will address the topic “Feedback in long term: Developing student feedback literacy”. Along the day, various parallel sessions are developed. The day closes with a plenary session directed by Dr. Kay Sambel, Edinburgh Napier University.

Georgeta Ion, Cristina Mercader, Aleix Barrera and Anna Díaz, EDO-UAB members, participate in one of the parallel sessions presenting the paper “Providing and receiving feedback: implications to students’ learning”. This contribution presents the most significant results of the project “Improving individualization of evaluation of group projects through strategies for peer-evaluation and peer-feedback”, coordinated by Ion and Barrera and funded by Teaching Quality Office from UAB.

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