ASCENT - Competence centres for automotive engineering and sales management to increase the positive impact on regional economic development in Argentina, Brazil and Mexico (585796-EPP-1-2017-1-AT-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP)

Finantial Entity: 
European Commission (Erasmus +)
October 2017 to October 2020

The ASCENT project was born from a current need between the developments in the automotive industry in Latin America. Argentina and Mexico are two growing countries in this market, while in Brazilian’s industry is currently stagnant due to the lack of capacity to react to the new market’s demands. However, the three countries are the most important for the automotive industry in Latin America, with a strong focus on production. Although, these countries and the companies working in the territory share the same aim: the increase of experts in automotive engineering to increase both development capabilities and production. In other words, this project seeks the formation of highly qualified engineers.

For this reason, the project will seek to close the current gap between labor market needs and educational offerings by supporting HEIs in advancing their knowledge in automotive engineering and sales. This will qualify students to increase the number of graduates who can contribute to research and development within the automotive industry in Argentina, Mexico and Brazil, while at the same time reducing unemployment in the regions where the project will work. In this sense, the objectives of the project aim, on the one hand, to increase the positive impact of the automotive industry due to the focus on the development of engineering on the national economy, the environment and the social development of the study countries. It will also focus on improving the quality of teaching and the employability of students through a regional network that will lead to a strengthening of the capacity for international collaboration with all partners.

UAB will support UNS in the development of the dissemination strategic plan together with all other EU partners. Due to the large international network UAB is going to disseminate the project and the network through the existing suitable contacts focusing on governmental contacts. Further, UAB is going to give regular input for the website and the social media profile due to their expertise in online marketing and last UAB is going to document all own dissemination efforts.

In addition to collaborating in the overall development of the entire project, EDO-UAB will be responsible for 2 of the 7 work packages within 9 months:

- 1º. Promote the training plan to impart and monitor their development in the different venues of participating Latin American universities; 
- 2º. Develop the project quality plan, with collaboration with external experts, as a mechanism to obtain constant feedback that allows the monitoring of the project and the application of corrective measures when necessary.

Total Budget: 992.525,00 €
UAB's Budget: 69.209,00 €


Project members: 

Kurt Steiner (FHJ), Claudia Linditsch (General Coord. FHJ), Thomas Lechner (FHJ), Cristoph Haidinger (FHJ), Marc Falko Schrader (HA), Moritz Gretzschel (HA), David Vázquez Bermúdez (UAB), Gabriel Izard Granados (UAB), Aleix Barrera Corominas (Co-Coord. UAB), Joaquín Gairín Sallán (Co-Coord. UAB), Hector Gerardo Giacchiarini (UNS), Santiago Maíz (UNS), Francisco Omar Brañas (UNS), Laura A. Benedetti (UNS), Gabriela Pesce (UNS), Gabriel Horaico Defranco (UNLP), José Carlos Scaramutti (UNLP), Enriqueta Della Rosa (UNLP), Martín G. Fernández Molina (UNLP), Paulo Calors Kaminski (USP), Marcelo Massarani (USP), Leandro Vieira da Silva Macedo (USP), Ronaldo de Breyne Salvagni (USP), Marcelo Augusto Leal Alves (USP), Fernando Augusto de Noronha Castro Prieto (UFRJ), Anna Carlo Monteiro de Araujo (URFJ), Alberto Hernández Luna (ITESM), Horacio Ahuett Garza (ITESM), Jorge Avendaño Alcaraz (ITESM), José Antonio Barrientos Morales (IBERO), Carlos Alejandro von Ziegler Guardado (IBERO), Cuitláhuac Osornio Correa (IBERO), Marco Antonio Galicia Cortés (IBERO), Carlos San Esteban Sosa (IBERO), José Emiliano Martínez Ordaz (IBERO), Josef Affenzeller (AVL), Alexander Holleis (AVL) and Petter Prenninger (AVL). 

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